Foliar Feeding

green leaves

Did you know that plants are able to absorb nutrients directly through their foliage? This fact is the basis of foliar feeding. Foliar feeding involves the spraying of fertilizers directly onto the foliage of plants, which are then able to directly absorb the nutrients. It is an extremely simple and beneficial process that you can use, along with soil feeding, to instantly provide micronutrients to your plants, increase the tolerance … Read More →

Monthly Tip for September

Water more frequently Trees Every 1-2 weels 3ft deep around the drip line Shrubs 2ft Deep Groundcover 1ft Deep Lawn/Turf Every 3-5 Days in the morning 6″ deep Come check out The Garden Guy Shop to get all the latest products from his books to fertilizers and pest controls. Click Here for more information! Calendar for Organic Gardening – September Water Deeply and infrequently. Prune Summer flowering perennials need spent blooms removed. … Read More →

Natural Garden Recipes

baby shampoo

Here are wonderful alternatives to synthetic chemicals — and they’re easy to make. Gin Weed Control: 1 oz. gin 1 oz. apple cider vinegar 1 Tbsp. baby shampoo 1 quart water Mix ingredients in a bowl; transfer to a spray bottle. On a hot, sunny day, spray this mixture on the weeds. Cat-Away Solution: 2 Tbsp. cayenne pepper 3 Tbsp. powdered mustard 5 Tbsp. plain flour 1 large bowl 2 … Read More →

Organic Controls

Pesticide sign

There is no reason you should spend a lot of money on fertilizers, weed killers and insect control products at the store. Most of the time they are made with dangerous, synthetic chemicals that we shouldn’t put in the house or ground, anyway. Below are a few recipes for organic controls that use ingredients you probably already have in your cupboards. Solarizing the Soil Supplies: • Shovel • Clear plastic, … Read More →

Organic Weed Killing

weed sprayer

This time of year, yards are full of weeds, but there are organic ways to get rid of them. Spraying 100 percent vinegar on weeds works great. Or, trying using a hula hoe to cut weeds below the root line. The small hoe is available at any home center, hardware store or nursery. To get rid of weeds at the roots, use Finale or Round-up. Use either product early in … Read More →


Extreme Plant Food Tomato Blend

Symbiosis, defined as a cooperative relationship, can be applied to many aspects of life. It also plays a vital role in plant life, maintenance of your garden, and with all agriculture. One of the most well known examples of symbiosis is that of beneficial insects; however, have you heard of one of the best kept secrets of symbiosis in gardening…mycorrhizae? Mycorrhizae, meaning fungus-root, refer to the symbiotic relationship between fungi … Read More →


flowering vine

Nothing beats vines for covering walls, garden structures or creating shade. One type of vine that I find useful is the Thompson seedless grapevine. It grows at an astounding rate in the spring, and with the right care, it will cover up structures made of wire, rebar or wood. The Thompson vine will sheds its leaves during the winter, allowing your patio or home to receive warm sunlight. In the … Read More →

Summer Gardens


As we move into summer, we need to start growing plants that can withstand our extreme heat. We also need to look at shade requirements and companion planting for a great summer garden. Shade is one of the most critical elements of summer gardening. Like people, plants also need a break from the hot midday sun and the afternoon shade is a must for almost any summer garden. I prefer … Read More →


hula hoe

With the recent warming trend, it seems that weeds are coming up faster than you can pick them. But before you go out and buy the first weed killer you can find, know that most weed killers can have long-term effects on your soil and adjacent shrubs and trees. And some of them aren’t safe for use around children and pets. As opposed to using a lot of chemicals, my … Read More →

Garden Guy Products

Earth Friendly Plant Food for Roses

Created by Mother Nature, my all natural and earth friendly products will allow you to stop using toxic chemicals around your family and pets. From my Extreme Insect Control, to my Plant Foods, and my Weed Control Products you will have all the products needed to manage your home and garden safely using all natural and organic products. Extreme Insect Control Extreme Insect Control, one of my top selling products, … Read More →

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