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With the recent warming trend, it seems that weeds are coming up faster than you can pick them. But before you go out and buy the first weed killer you can find, know that most weed killers can have long-term effects on your soil and adjacent shrubs and trees. And some of them aren’t safe for use around children and pets. As opposed to using a lot of chemicals, my … Read More →


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Fertilization is the least understood but one of the most important elements of our landscape. Many times, we pour massive doses of fertilizer that is high in nitrogen and then wonder why we have insect and disease problems. These problems are stimulated by high synthetic nitrogen intake that makes our plants more susceptible to insects and disease problems. Plants are not meant to grow in spurts, but through a slow … Read More →

Citrus Trees and Roses

rose bushes

Roses Roses are my favorite flowers to grow in the desert. They are very easy to maintain, but keep the following in mind: Buy roses that do well in the Southwest, such as Mr. Lincoln, Gene Borner and Don Juan. Fertilize often. I like to use about 1/4 bag of steer manure every three to five weeks. I also throw a few banana peels in for good measure as an … Read More →

Garden Guy Products

Earth Friendly Plant Food for Roses

Created by Mother Nature, my all natural and earth friendly products will allow you to stop using toxic chemicals around your family and pets. From my Extreme Insect Control, to my Plant Foods, and my Weed Control Products you will have all the products needed to manage your home and garden safely using all natural and organic products. Extreme Insect Control Extreme Insect Control, one of my top selling products, … Read More →

The Magic of Mulch

cedar mulch

Hot weather is right around the corner! The most critical component to keeping your plants healthy, wealthy and wise will be to mulch the top of your soil. Mulching helps conserve moisture, buffer the soil from temperature extremes and stifle weeds. It also looks nice and increases the tilth of the soil, provides nutrients for the soil, keeps rain from compacting the soil and prevents erosion. After planting any type … Read More →

Great Garden Tools

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When I do any project around my house or business, I want to make sure that my tools fit the needs of the job. It’s important to use your tools for the purposes for which they were designed. Often, people will grab any old tool out of the shed to do their work, but that can cause problems. Using the wrong tool for the task can sometimes cause the job … Read More →


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Nature has been building soil for years through the natural decomposition of plant and animal material. Most of this decomposition takes place under vegetation that drops its material (i.e. dead leaves). Under the canopy of the plant, this decomposition continues to enrich the soil and feed the plant. Through composting, we can duplicate this process in our own back yards. To help you get started, here are a few basic … Read More →



Pruning is a necessary element of landscaping and here in the Arizona desert, it is critical that pruning take place over the next few weeks. Pruning is one of the most confusing and difficult tasks to teach and do here in the Southwest. It could be considered more of an art than a science. One of the simplest types of plants to prune is a rose bush. Rose bushes demand … Read More →

Growing Plants You Can Eat


Many times when landscaping, we forget that our plants can be grown for the food that they can produce. Right now is a great time to purchase and plant these trees and vines as bare root. You cannot produce a safer or healthier organic food product than fruits and berries off of your own trees and vines. I know there are pundits out there that will tell you it is … Read More →

Pets and Your Garden

Calla lily

If you’re like me, pets are a part of your family and you go out of your way to make sure they are well cared for. In the garden, though, you have to be careful — some plants, fertilizers and pesticides commonly used in and around many homes can actually hurt our four-legged friends. Always check with your nursery to make sure the fertilizers and pesticides you’re using are not … Read More →

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