Organic Weed Killing

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This time of year, yards are full of weeds, but there are organic ways to get rid of them. Spraying 100 percent vinegar on weeds works great. Or, trying using a hula hoe to cut weeds below the root line. The small hoe is available at any home center, hardware store or nursery. To get rid of weeds at the roots, use Finale or Round-up. Use either product early in … Read More →

Homemade Weed Control Recipe

1 Gallon of The Garden Guy’s 10% Vinegar 3 tablespoons of orange oil (homemade or purchased as Zep’s Heavy Duty Citrus Degreaser avail. at home center stores or any cleanser with D-Limonene) 1 – 2 drops of Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Soap (Whole Foods) or Dawn Dishwashing liquid Put in plastic spray bottle, shake up and spray directly on anything you want to eliminate. DO NOT spray on anything you want … Read More →

Think Natural When Taking Care of Your Lawn


Grass is one of the biggest consumers of dangerous, synthetic chemicals. Mind you, I’m not against having a beautiful green lawn, but a chemically treated lawn is not a healthy atmosphere for our children, pets and wildlife. There are alternatives to synthetic lawn care that use organic techniques. These earth-friendly methods will give you the satisfaction of knowing that your lawn is a safe place for your pets and kids. … Read More →


hula hoe

With the recent warming trend, it seems that weeds are coming up faster than you can pick them. But before you go out and buy the first weed killer you can find, know that most weed killers can have long-term effects on your soil and adjacent shrubs and trees. And some of them aren’t safe for use around children and pets. As opposed to using a lot of chemicals, my … Read More →

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