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sawtooth shovel

With the summer winding down, you should be getting ready to plant your fall vegetables. I recommend planting corn, squash, melons, beans and, of course, pumpkins for your children. Unfortunately, it’s still so hot that planting anything can be trying. I find the biggest problem lies in staying cool while gardening this time of year. Luckily, some smart manufacturers have recognized the problem and made products to help keep gardeners … Read More →

Garden Guy Products

Earth Friendly Plant Food for Roses

Created by Mother Nature, my all natural and earth friendly products will allow you to stop using toxic chemicals around your family and pets. From my Extreme Insect Control, to my Plant Foods, and my Weed Control Products you will have all the products needed to manage your home and garden safely using all natural and organic products. Extreme Insect Control Extreme Insect Control, one of my top selling products, … Read More →

Great Garden Tools

garden shovel

When I do any project around my house or business, I want to make sure that my tools fit the needs of the job. It’s important to use your tools for the purposes for which they were designed. Often, people will grab any old tool out of the shed to do their work, but that can cause problems. Using the wrong tool for the task can sometimes cause the job … Read More →

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