Foliar Feeding

green leavesDid you know that plants are able to absorb nutrients directly through their foliage? This fact is the basis of foliar feeding. Foliar feeding involves the spraying of fertilizers directly onto the foliage of plants, which are then able to directly absorb the nutrients. It is an extremely simple and beneficial process that you can use, along with soil feeding, to instantly provide micronutrients to your plants, increase the tolerance of your plants to extreme temperatures, while also increasing the storage life of your home grown foods.

When foliar feeding, as I always say, organic is the way to go. You will want to look towards a liquid organic fertilizer, such as my Extreme Juice or compost tea. A great addition to add to your liquid organic fertilizer before applying is molasses. Molasses is a wonderful source of carbohydrates that assist in feeding the beneficial microorganisms that promote the health and wellness of your plants. When applying your liquid fertilizer mixtures you will want to use a pressure mist sprayer which will prevent over-spray and loss of product. Look towards fertilizing your plants during the coolest and dampest parts of the day when your plants are not closed off in their attempt to conserve moisture due to high temperatures. I also recommend foliar feeding when you notice new growth on your plants, as the most absorbent portions of your plants is new growth.

Dave Owens the Garden Guy
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