The Magic of Mulch

cedar mulch

Hot weather is right around the corner! The most critical component to keeping your plants healthy, wealthy and wise will be to mulch the top of your soil. Mulching helps conserve moisture, buffer the soil from temperature extremes and stifle weeds. It also looks nice and increases the tilth of the soil, provides nutrients for the soil, keeps rain from compacting the soil and prevents erosion. After planting any type … Read More →



Pruning is a necessary element of landscaping and here in the Arizona desert, it is critical that pruning take place over the next few weeks. Pruning is one of the most confusing and difficult tasks to teach and do here in the Southwest. It could be considered more of an art than a science. One of the simplest types of plants to prune is a rose bush. Rose bushes demand … Read More →

Pets and Your Garden

Calla lily

If you’re like me, pets are a part of your family and you go out of your way to make sure they are well cared for. In the garden, though, you have to be careful — some plants, fertilizers and pesticides commonly used in and around many homes can actually hurt our four-legged friends. Always check with your nursery to make sure the fertilizers and pesticides you’re using are not … Read More →

This Way Is Mulch, Mulch Better

mulch in a garden

What would you say if I told you about one little thing you can do for your plants that will reduce watering needs, increase the disease-fighting capabilities of the plants, help them become more heat tolerant, and add to the overall health of the soil? You’d probably say, “Wow, Garden Guy, I always knew you were brilliant!” It’s mulch. I wish I could take credit, but the idea really belongs … Read More →



This spring’s glorious wildflower show can be re-created in your own garden — be it a flower-filled meadow, a few pots on a patio or balcony or anything in between. Wildflower gardening may be enjoyed by all gardeners, from beginners to advanced. Wildflowers can also be incorporated into any style of landscape from naturally wild to a more manicured landscape. With some planning, some cooperative rain and a little patience, … Read More →

Water Gardens

barrel water feature

Adding a water garden to your home’s outdoor environment has some fantastic benefits. Not only are they beautiful to see and hear, but they attract insect eaters like hummingbirds and dragonflies. In a well-balanced water garden, the fish clean the water by eating algae and their waste fertilizes the plants to stimulate growth. Such ponds are relatively inexpensive and easy to set up. To build your own, gather the following … Read More →

Healthy Soil

dead tree

Often trees and plants start to decline for no reason, but remember it’s not natural for tree or plant to be growing in a sterile environment. Many times trees and plants have different relationships with the micro flora that we do not completely understand but we know these symbiotic types of relationships exist. Often, we unknowingly destroy these mutually beneficial relationships through the use of synthetic pesticides. The usage of … Read More →

Frost Damaged Plants


It is that time of year…Jack Frost wreaks havoc on our yards. With overnight lows dropping into the low 30’s, and often times even lower, we must prepare for all out assault. It is important to protect any frost sensitive plants in the late fall and winter months when temperatures drop below 32 degree’s. A few of the most susceptible plants include: Lantana, Bougainvillea, Natal Plum, Citrus Tree’s, Cape Honeysuckle, … Read More →

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