10 Best Trees to Use in Arizona

fan palm

Evergreen Elm Shammel Ash Ironwood Texas Mountain Laurel Acacia Aneria Mexican Fan Palms Black Mission Fig Anna Apple Texas Ebony Citrus grafted onto sour orange root stock

Fighting Bugs With Bugs


Keep in mind the old saying “Fight fire with fire” when it comes to dealing with pest infestation in and around your home. Use bugs to fight bugs. Pests usually attack plants that are already in various states of distress. So, the first defense against infestation is to use organic methods to keep your plants healthy. However, sometimes if you do see pests in small to moderate numbers, it could … Read More →

Shopping for Indoor Plants

Assorted houseplants

Before you start shopping for indoor plants, Garden Guy Dave Owens suggests looking around your house. “You want to first determine if it’s going to be in low or bright light,” he said. “That’s going to determine the plant. Don’t just go to the Home Depot and pick out a plant.” Owens said to find specific places to put them. Ficus, mother-in-law tongue, bamboo palm and spider plants are all … Read More →

Dave Owens the Garden Guy
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