Extreme Plant Food Tomato BlendSymbiosis, defined as a cooperative relationship, can be applied to many aspects of life. It also plays a vital role in plant life, maintenance of your garden, and with all agriculture. One of the most well known examples of symbiosis is that of beneficial insects; however, have you heard of one of the best kept secrets of symbiosis in gardening…mycorrhizae? Mycorrhizae, meaning fungus-root, refer to the symbiotic relationship between fungi and plant roots.

Now you may think…how can fungi assist in plant growth? Well, through numerous studies we have begun to learn that micorrhizae, which have existed for millions of years, occur between 95% of plant species in nature. So, now you may wonder…what exactly do mycorrhizae fungi do for plants? In simple terms… mycorrhizae fungi work at the roots of a plants providing them with valuable nutrients and moisture in exchange for carbon produced by the plant.

It has been found that mycorrhizae fungi provide 100 times more nutrients to plants than a plant without mycorrhizae fungi leading to increased growth and plants that are better able to handle environmental stress. This becomes increasingly important in those plants that are extremely dependent upon nutrients in order to survive, such as citrus, roses, and tomoto’s. Many of these plants starve to death in our nutrient poor soils, but that is why I have created my Extreme Granule Citrus, Rose, and Tomoato Blends with Mycorrhizae.

Dave Owens the Garden Guy
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