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Earth Friendly Plant Food for RosesCreated by Mother Nature, my all natural and earth friendly products will allow you to stop using toxic chemicals around your family and pets. From my Extreme Insect Control, to my Plant Foods, and my Weed Control Products you will have all the products needed to manage your home and garden safely using all natural and organic products.

Extreme Insect Control

Extreme Insect Control, one of my top selling products, allows you to treat for those insects most commonly found infesting your homes. It has been found to be extremely effective against scorpions, cockroaches, ants, earwigs, millipedes, centipedes, crickets, silverfish, fleas, bedbugs, grasshoppers, carpet beetles, slugs, and other crawling insects. It is easily applied; both indoors and outdoors, by dusting onto areas insects can be found using a powder duster, such as my Pest Pistol. Containing 100% food-grade Diatomaceous Earth, Extreme Insect Control works by mechanical action causing insects to dry up and die within 48 hours of contact. One of the best features about my Extreme Insect Control is that insects cannot become immune to it and it will remain effective as long as it is present. Now, if you find that you have scorpions in and around your home you may also want to consider investing in a black light. Black lights, such as Extreme Scorpion Light, are an excellent way to hunt for scorpions at night, their hunting time, as they will cause scorpions to glow and become easily identifiable.

Organic Fertilizers

My all natural and organic fertilizers, which include my Extreme Juice, Extreme Granules, and Dr. Bob’s Queen Palm Remedy, will provide your plants with the necessary nutrients needed for healthy growth and will not hurt the beneficial insects around your home. My Extreme Juice is a concentrated liquid plant food created from a blend of such products as fish emulsion, liquid seaweed, humic acid, and soft rock phosphate.

Extreme juice works by stimulating the micro biotic activity in the soil, which aids in fighting off white flies, red spider mites and fungi problems, as well as improving the health and look of your plants, and the frost/heat resistance by up to 5 degrees. It is an excellent product to use for foliar feeding, which delivers instant nutrients to your plants through the foliage. Extreme Juice can be applied as a soil drench, or by spraying the leaves, limbs, twigs, and trunk using my Extreme Sprayer. Extreme Granules, my ever-popular plant and vegetable plant food, is a granulated organic plant food that contains high levels of nitrogen that increases water infiltration and permeability, and will allow your plants to have greater access to nutrients. The granules can be mixed into your soil or sprinkled around your plants and the time release function will slowly release nutrients into your soil over time for up to 3 months. They are also a great product to use when transplanting as they will help to eliminate the chance of transplant shock.

Now, if you have Queen Palms my Dr. Bob’s Queen Palm Food is an excellent source of Manganese, which is not commonly found in the soils of the southwest, and other minerals that are vital to the health of your queen palms. Dr. Bob’s Queen Palm Food works great in lowering the pH in high pH soils so your queen palms can obtain the needed nutrients out of the soil and has been found to cure ailing queen palms, such as those with yellowing leaves and frizzle-tops.

For your more specific plant needs I have developed rose, tomato, and citrus blend products that all contain mycorrhizae, which assist your plants in obtaining those nutrients that may be unobtainable in other instances. My Rose Blend will assist your rose bushes in resisting pests, disease and stress, and it also contains phosphorus, which is necessary for big, beautiful rose blooms. My Tomato Blend is high in calcium, which will help in preventing blossom end rot, and is also high in micro-nutrients that lead to great tasting tomatos. My Citrus Blend is high in nitrogen, which is necessary for great tasting fruit. You will only need to use my Citrus Blend three times per year, and I recommend using the following holidays as your Citrus Blend application days: Valentines Day, Memorial Day, and Labor Day.

Weed Control

My weed control products are a great all natural and organic alternative to those chemical filled weed control products you see in retailers. Safe for children and animals, my Extreme Weed Control, Extreme Weed Preventer- Lawn Formula, and Extreme Weed Preventer-Gravel Formula will allow you to prevent and control weeds around your home without the use of harmful chemicals. My Extreme Weed Preventer- Lawn Formula, comprised of 100% corn gluten meal granules is a pre-emergent that will kill weed seed in your soil. Its high nitrogen content will also feed your grass for up to 6 months. My Extreme Weed Preventer- Gravel Formula, comprised of 100% corn gluten meal flour is a pre-emergent that will prevent weed seed from taking root and growing in your gravel areas.


If you are looking for more information on organic gardening, including what to plant, how to plant, pests and homemade remedies be sure to check out my Extreme Gardening Book. If you would also like information on a seasonal guide to organic gardening, my second book, The Garden Guy, provides a guide to month-by-month organic gardening.

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