Insect-Repelling Herbs


Stop. Don’t reach for those pesticides. Many times, insects end up controlling themselves, but did you know that some plants have insect-repelling qualities? I have picked out a few that will grow here in the Valley and can be planted along with other plants as companion plantings. Thyme works great with cabbage and likes to be grown in an area that receives afternoon shade. It repels cabbage worms and takes … Read More →

Herbs That Heal

aloe vera

Planting an herb garden is going to do a lot for you besides add tasty ingredients to your food. Herbs can help heal many of the problems that ail you. For centuries, farmers, gardeners, herbalists and scientists have grown and developed herbs to help people feel better. They are a source of vitamins and are still used to a great extent in Europe and Asia. Even now, pharmaceutical companies study … Read More →

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