Mosquito control

Because mosquitoes are attracted to water, make sure all the water you have around your yard is changed often – like birdbaths, kiddie pools, and your pet’s water bowl. Even plants in pots can attract mosquitoes, so make sure you have good drainage. Get rid of anything in your yard that has the potential to collect water. There are organic ways to control mosquitoes – here are a few that … Read More →

Cockroach Prevention


When considering some of the most hated insects I can bet cockroaches come to mind. They are known to infest our homes, reproduce quickly, and be difficult to kill; however, they can be prevented and there are organic extermination treatments that do exist. The first step you will want to take with cockroaches is eliminating their entry into your home. This includes finding any opening into your home, such as … Read More →

Planting leafy veggies for fall harvest

As we start to go into fall soon we want to start considering what types of leafy veggies we want to plant so we can harvest them before the first frost season. As previously mentioned in the last segment we talked about preparing your soils in your garden and that is important to having a successful garden. As the temperatures start to cool down, it is time to start considering … Read More →

Natural Garden Recipes

baby shampoo

Here are wonderful alternatives to synthetic chemicals — and they’re easy to make. Gin Weed Control: 1 oz. gin 1 oz. apple cider vinegar 1 Tbsp. baby shampoo 1 quart water Mix ingredients in a bowl; transfer to a spray bottle. On a hot, sunny day, spray this mixture on the weeds. Cat-Away Solution: 2 Tbsp. cayenne pepper 3 Tbsp. powdered mustard 5 Tbsp. plain flour 1 large bowl 2 … Read More →

Cool Tools

sawtooth shovel

With the summer winding down, you should be getting ready to plant your fall vegetables. I recommend planting corn, squash, melons, beans and, of course, pumpkins for your children. Unfortunately, it’s still so hot that planting anything can be trying. I find the biggest problem lies in staying cool while gardening this time of year. Luckily, some smart manufacturers have recognized the problem and made products to help keep gardeners … Read More →

Sick Tree Treatment

sick tree

Nature has created its own way of cleaning up through decomposition, and such is the case of a sick tree. Insects and microbes that may be infecting a tree are not truly causing sickness in the tree, but rather they are the one’s doing their job to decompose the sick tree. Sickness in tree’s is actually known to be caused by environmental conditions, such as chemical pesticides, soil compaction, plants … Read More →

Fall gardening: What you need to know to reap what you sow

We are coming up on the most productive time of year for gardening in the Southwest. The key to a great garden is in the soil. The first thing to remember is that the soil needs a lot of organic material. This makes for a richer, more productive, chemical‐free garden. To achieve good soil, lay down a 6‐inch layer of compost, and then add blood meal and bone meal (about … Read More →

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