Bulbs are a fall planting must! Although they do not provide you with instant beauty, such as with perennials, they can provide you with some of the most beautiful flowers come spring time. You just have to have a little patience. To begin, you will want to shop for bulbs that are large and plump. Soft and mushy bulbs tend to be a sign of weakness, so try to stay … Read More →

How to kill bed bugs Organically from Pam (Radio Listener)

laundry basket and dirty clothes

Eradicating a bed bug infestation organically requires a methodical and disciplined approach.  It will take up to twelve days depending upon the level of infestation and many life cycles.  Bed bug eggs take a week to twelve day to hatch.  Bed bugs and lice in—beds of course, fabrics, furniture crevices and even in the baseboards.  When you are first discovering that you have them night time is your friend. Go into the infested room … Read More →

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