Summer Lawn Hints

lawn mower

It’s summer time and taking care of your lawn becomes an important part of your lawn’s life. I have found that the organic way is the only way to fully enjoy that lawn. You won’t have to worry about those dangerous pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers. By going organic, you are encouraging the beneficial macro- and micro-organisms that do so much to maintain the natural balance. To get your lawn … Read More →

Summer Gardens


As we move into summer, we need to start growing plants that can withstand our extreme heat. We also need to look at shade requirements and companion planting for a great summer garden. Shade is one of the most critical elements of summer gardening. Like people, plants also need a break from the hot midday sun and the afternoon shade is a must for almost any summer garden. I prefer … Read More →

Summer Vegetable Gardens

Row of corn

Well, the hot weather is here. To get a great summer vegetable garden, you have to think about which plants work well in the heat. To start, it is important to remember to give your plants a well-prepared garden bed. I recommend raised beds that receive afternoon shade. If you would like to try your hand at a summer vegetable garden, start with a few of my favorites (listed below). … Read More →

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