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  • orange tree

    Citrus Trees

    Living in the desert southwest we are blessed to have the ideal climate for citrus trees. Citrus trees, due to their non-deciduous … Read More

  • baby shampoo

    Natural Garden Recipes

    Here are wonderful alternatives to synthetic chemicals -- and they're easy to make. Gin Weed Control: 1 oz. gin 1 oz. apple … Read More

  • aloe vera

    Herbs That Heal

    Planting an herb garden is going to do a lot for you besides add tasty ingredients to your food. Herbs can help heal many of the … Read More

  • avocado

    Go Tropical in Your Landscape

    One of the greatest benefits of living in the Valley is the warm weather, which allows us to grow a wide assortment of … Read More

  • flowering vine


    Nothing beats vines for covering walls, garden structures or creating shade. One type of vine that I find useful is the … Read More

  • Hummingbird in flight

    Attracting Birds and Butterflies

    Inviting birds and butterflies to your yard is an effective way of bringing another element to your landscape and helping out the … Read More

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