Black Widows

black widow

Have you ever walked through a spider web and had chills run up your body? Now what about at black widow spider web? If you ever have you would know how they seem to spread across wide areas with an extremely sticky and dense feel to them. Besides their terrible webs black widow spiders are known to be one of the most dangerous, and feared, of the arachnid class. It … Read More →

Organic Pest Controls

peanut butter

There are a number of organic techniques I use to reduce the amount of pests in and around my home. Best of all, none of them will harm pets, children or the environment. Surrounding your garden with upright rosemary not only repels insects, but it makes a nice hedge. Rosemary naturally repels insects and smells and looks great, too. If you have ant problems, try sprinkling bay leaves in and … Read More →

Organic Controls

Pesticide sign

There is no reason you should spend a lot of money on fertilizers, weed killers and insect control products at the store. Most of the time they are made with dangerous, synthetic chemicals that we shouldn’t put in the house or ground, anyway. Below are a few recipes for organic controls that use ingredients you probably already have in your cupboards. Solarizing the Soil Supplies: • Shovel • Clear plastic, … Read More →

Organic Weed Killing

weed sprayer

This time of year, yards are full of weeds, but there are organic ways to get rid of them. Spraying 100 percent vinegar on weeds works great. Or, trying using a hula hoe to cut weeds below the root line. The small hoe is available at any home center, hardware store or nursery. To get rid of weeds at the roots, use Finale or Round-up. Use either product early in … Read More →

Fleas, Ticks, and Ants


You may have heard of the “one spot” treatments for fleas and ticks, such as Frontline Plus, however I truly believe that anything which totes a “one spot” treatment is too toxic for our furry friends. The organic remedies are a great deal safer, and in my eyes beneficial for your home and pets. To treat your furry friends I would look towards bathing them regularly with herbal shampoo’s that … Read More →

Compost Teas


When it comes to improving your garden, it’s important to put down a 2- to 4-inch layer of good compost on top of the soil, but when you want immediate, long-lasting results, a true gardener will turn to compost tea.   Compost tea helps control insects, fungus and disease, and is basically just what it sounds like — compost steeped in a bucket of water.   To make your own … Read More →

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