flowering vine

Nothing beats vines for covering walls, garden structures or creating shade. One type of vine that I find useful is the Thompson seedless grapevine. It grows at an astounding rate in the spring, and with the right care, it will cover up structures made of wire, rebar or wood. The Thompson vine will sheds its leaves during the winter, allowing your patio or home to receive warm sunlight. In the … Read More →

Think Natural When Taking Care of Your Lawn


Grass is one of the biggest consumers of dangerous, synthetic chemicals. Mind you, I’m not against having a beautiful green lawn, but a chemically treated lawn is not a healthy atmosphere for our children, pets and wildlife. There are alternatives to synthetic lawn care that use organic techniques. These earth-friendly methods will give you the satisfaction of knowing that your lawn is a safe place for your pets and kids. … Read More →

Summer Lawns


Who doesn’t like the look of a nice, green lawn? It creates a feeling of coolness around your home, plus the dark green adds such a wonderful texture and richness. To get all the benefits of a beautiful lawn, though, now is the time to get to work. A few basic grass rules: Lawns need to be planted away from your home. When planted too close, watering the grass can … Read More →

Summer Gardens


As we move into summer, we need to start growing plants that can withstand our extreme heat. We also need to look at shade requirements and companion planting for a great summer garden. Shade is one of the most critical elements of summer gardening. Like people, plants also need a break from the hot midday sun and the afternoon shade is a must for almost any summer garden. I prefer … Read More →

Attracting Birds and Butterflies

Hummingbird in flight

Inviting birds and butterflies to your yard is an effective way of bringing another element to your landscape and helping out the ecosystem. So why not take a more organic approach and start working with nature in your garden? A more harmonious approach is the best solution to creating a healthy environment. Birds are some of my favorite friends. They are great insectivores, sometimes eating their weight in insects every … Read More →

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