Insect-Repelling Herbs


Stop. Don’t reach for those pesticides. Many times, insects end up controlling themselves, but did you know that some plants have insect-repelling qualities? I have picked out a few that will grow here in the Valley and can be planted along with other plants as companion plantings. Thyme works great with cabbage and likes to be grown in an area that receives afternoon shade. It repels cabbage worms and takes … Read More →

Remedies for Ridding Yourself of Pests


Our gardens attract a lot of critters, mostly good — but a few are bad. I constantly talk about how biodiversity is the key ingredient to our gardens, but sometimes rabbits, birds, dogs and cats want to use our garden as much as, if not more than, we do. It’s a frustrating experience and one not easily rectified, but the Garden Guy is here with some new and not-so-new ideas … Read More →

All About Spiders

brown recluse

Arizona Recluse Spiders The true brown recluse spider (Loxosceles reclusa) does not live in Arizona, but two closely related species have been reported in the state. They are quite similar to the brown recluse and can be distinguished only by an expert. The Arizona species are Loxosceles arizonica and L. deserta. Three other species, one from the southeast corner of the state (and the New Mexican and Mexican Chihuahuan Desert), … Read More →

Cockroaches in Arizona


There are at least 20 different species of cockroaches in Arizona, probably about 10 are native and rarely encountered in the urban environment. Those established in urban areas include: the American, brown-banded, field, German, Oriental, Surinam and Turkestan. Most cockroaches are tropical or subtropical in origin and generally live outdoors. However, some species have adapted well to living with humans. Though it is true that they prosper in clutter, filth … Read More →

Garden Guy Products

Earth Friendly Plant Food for Roses

Created by Mother Nature, my all natural and earth friendly products will allow you to stop using toxic chemicals around your family and pets. From my Extreme Insect Control, to my Plant Foods, and my Weed Control Products you will have all the products needed to manage your home and garden safely using all natural and organic products. Extreme Insect Control Extreme Insect Control, one of my top selling products, … Read More →



If you’ve never seen a scorpion up close, our rising temperatures might cause that to change. The summer’s heat brings the scorpion population to life. As long as you’re aware of them, though, you shouldn’t be afraid. Here are a few tips to help make you aware of the types of scorpions in the desert, prevent infestation and more. Types of Scorpions: Giant Hairy — 2 to 4 inches long, … Read More →

Bug Battle


The big grasshopper infestation is just a sign of things to come. More bugs are on their way into the city this summer because of all the rain earlier in the year. You’re probably used to getting rid of bugs with spray chemicals. But, with so many insects this summer, you’re only going to get the first wave, then another group will hit. You don’t want to keep spray chemicals … Read More →

Fighting Bugs With Bugs


Keep in mind the old saying “Fight fire with fire” when it comes to dealing with pest infestation in and around your home. Use bugs to fight bugs. Pests usually attack plants that are already in various states of distress. So, the first defense against infestation is to use organic methods to keep your plants healthy. However, sometimes if you do see pests in small to moderate numbers, it could … Read More →



If you thought things couldn’t get any more uncomfortable in this muggy weather, think again. Mosquitoes are about to descend on the Valley. Actually, they’re going to be rising up in swarms from the pools of stagnant water that the monsoons bring.   I recently spoke to Dr. Kirk Smith, an entomologist at the University of Arizona Maricopa Agricultural Center, where they do a lot of research on insects. I … Read More →

How to kill bed bugs Organically from Pam (Radio Listener)

laundry basket and dirty clothes

Eradicating a bed bug infestation organically requires a methodical and disciplined approach.  It will take up to twelve days depending upon the level of infestation and many life cycles.  Bed bug eggs take a week to twelve day to hatch.  Bed bugs and lice in—beds of course, fabrics, furniture crevices and even in the baseboards.  When you are first discovering that you have them night time is your friend. Go into the infested room … Read More →

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