Fleas, Ticks, and Ants

antYou may have heard of the “one spot” treatments for fleas and ticks, such as Frontline Plus, however I truly believe that anything which totes a “one spot” treatment is too toxic for our furry friends. The organic remedies are a great deal safer, and in my eyes beneficial for your home and pets.

To treat your furry friends I would look towards bathing them regularly with herbal shampoo’s that contain citrus or tea tree oils, and laying washable towels down in sleeping areas, which can be switched out regularly. You may even look towards adding garlic to your pet’s diet and wiping small amounts of orange oil on the infected areas. Within your home you will want to look for cleaning products containing orange oil or citrus, and you will want to be sure to vacuum regularly, which will help to remove eggs, larvae, and food. Finally, on the exterior of your home look towards my Extreme Insect control, especially in areas frequented by your furry friends, such as the backyard. An important thing to realize about ticks is that they are frequently found higher in plants and will jump off onto passing animals.

For this reason you will need to treat the trunks of trees, or base of plants, with Extreme Insect control or my compost tee will additions of molasses and citrus oil. In the late-winter and spring months, when our environment is more moist, nematodes can also be used as a natural treatment for fleas and ticks.

Now, if your home is being infiltrated by ants, or if you find ants to be a nuisance on the exterior of your home, you will find that all organic treatments will be quite beneficial, as well as safe for your pets. First off, you will want to realize that ants are beneficial to the environment; however, if they are becoming a nuisance I have a few recommendations.

To begin with, if you are unable to find their mound directly my Extreme Insect control can be sprinkled along their trail and then dusted with cinnamon, which they will carry back to their mound. Next, if you are able to find their mound you can treat the mound directly by drenching it with citrus-based products, such as Zep’s Orange Oil, or by pouring my Extreme Insect control directly on the top of the mound. It is also known that pouring a product containing Aspartame, such as Equal, into the mound, can be found to eliminate Fire ants. Such as with fleas and ticks, nematodes can also be used as a natural treatment for ants during the late-winter and spring months.

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Zep’s Orange Oil: Home Depot

Dave Owens the Garden Guy
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