Black Widows

black widowHave you ever walked through a spider web and had chills run up your body? Now what about at black widow spider web? If you ever have you would know how they seem to spread across wide areas with an extremely sticky and dense feel to them. Besides their terrible webs black widow spiders are known to be one of the most dangerous, and feared, of the arachnid class. It has even been said that the venom of a black widow spider is fifteen times more potent than that of a rattlesnake. Since black widows are nocturnal creatures, and primarily hide in dark corners and crevices, they are difficult to kill.

If you find that you have black widows in or around your home you will want to keep in mind that spiders are beneficial insects and that the chemicals most often used to kill them are often more dangerous than the spiders themselves. Instead, I would consider organic prevention methods and physical removal of the spiders. The use of my Extreme Pest Control in and around your home will assist in preventing crawling insects, however, in order to kill black widows you need direct contact. My best recommendations for extermination of black widows is the removal of their webs during the daylight hours, to prevent contact with them due to the fact that they are nocturnal, and this may very well cause them to move onto a different location. You may also look towards spraying them directly with orange oil, which should kill them on contact. However, if you find that they return you will want to look towards the old stomping technique, which involves taking an object, such as your shoe, and stomping them. This will also work well with their eggs. One major precaution to take with their eggs involves the fact that the female black widows, the largest of the black widows and clearly marked with a red hourglass on their underside, tend to only bite humans when protecting their eggs. For this reason I would recommend taking care of the spider before the eggs.

Dave Owens the Garden Guy
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