Starting a Spring Garden

raised beds

It’s almost spring and that means that it’s time to start planning out exactly what you would like to include in your garden. I have grown flowers and vegetables many different ways, but the gardens I prefer to work with are raised beds. I also like potted gardens (You know, just planting vegetables and flowers in a variety of pots). Both of these types of gardens keep critters from eating … Read More →

The Bare Bones About Bare Root

Guava tree

Bare root fruit and nut trees do very well in this region. Apples, guavas, oranges, blackberries and pecans thrive in the desert and bring diversity to your garden. To produce fruit, deciduous fruits and nuts have minimum low-temperature requirements. When it gets down to 45 degrees or below for 60 minutes, you’ve got yourself a “chill hour.” Different types of trees have different chill-hour requirements. Choose varieties with low minimums, … Read More →

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