Shopping for Indoor Plants

Assorted houseplantsBefore you start shopping for indoor plants, Garden Guy Dave Owens suggests looking around your house. “You want to first determine if it’s going to be in low or bright light,” he said. “That’s going to determine the plant. Don’t just go to the Home Depot and pick out a plant.”

Owens said to find specific places to put them. Ficus, mother-in-law tongue, bamboo palm and spider plants are all good if your house has a lot of light. If your house has low- to medium-type light, try dracaenas, corn plants, vermelia or golden pothos.

After choosing the plants, you’ve got to re-pot them. Owens said to select a lightweight pot that’s about one-third larger than the plant itself — this will give it plenty of room to grow — and be sure there are plenty of holes to drain the water.

According to Owens, the biggest mistake people make is over-watering their plants. “One rule of thumb is making sure the top of the surface soil itself is dry,” he said.

Also, remember that different plants require different amounts of water. “So use your own judgment,” Owens said. “When you see lushier-type plants, you need a little bit more water. When you see plants that look like they belong out in the desert, they require a little less water.”

Most importantly, don’t forget to feed your plants. “You should fertilize at least once a month,” Owens said.

Try mixing 1 tsp. of apple cider vinegar and peroxide with 1 gallon of water — or use Dave’s Extreme Juice to keep your plants healthy. Also, keeping chemicals (like pest control products and household cleaners) away from your plants will keep them alive longer.

Dave Owens the Garden Guy
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