Garden Guy Recipes for Getting Rid of Insects

orange peel

  My top four favorite¬†bug killing DIY solutions that I use in my home & garden Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Diatomaceaous Earth (DE) is a single-celled organism and is a chalk-like powder that is made up entirely of these diatoms that have fossilized over thousands of years. While Food Grade DE is safe to use on humans, it is harmful to insects and contains no toxins of any kind. It … Read More →

Tip of the Month

Planting bare-root roses

With the cold weather this season approaching Dave The Garden Guy has some tips to follow to keeping your garden healthy throughout the cold weather. Start pruning all your¬†disiduous trees, shrubs and plants. Start planting trees, bare-root roses, flowers, peppers, tomatoes, and eggplants, strawberries and blackberries. The short season veggie varieties do best in the Desert Southwest. Be sure to plant in the southern exposure of your home. Keep the … Read More →

When to Plant Bare-Root Roses

Pink Rose

Bare-root roses may look deceiving when first purchased, with their absent leaves and brown roots, but once planted, and given proper care, you will receive beautiful blooms. The reason for the absence of leaves and brown roots is due to the fact that bare-root roses are in a dormant state, which prevents transplant shock and allows for easier planting. It is best to plant them in the spring and late … Read More →

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